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Our company pays more attention to the pre-sales and after-sales service, and we will provide the satisfying project, superior products and perfect after-sale service, which is our consistent promise to our customers in order to gain 100% of satisfaction of the customers.

Optimization scheme design

We communicate with customers with patience to know exactly customers’actual needs and to provide the best designing scheme.

All the year round to guarantee spare parts

We can guarantee that we provide ten years of spare part service at least to prevent the equipment from being idle due to aging equipment parts.

Equipment upgrading and rebuilding

We fully considerate that there are some new requirements like productivity and energy saving during the developmental process of enterprises, so we will provide new modification scheme and help you to save fund.

Operating training service

During the equipment delivery, we will supply comprehensive training service in the aspects of equipment using, maintenance, repairing to your stuff and we will also provide a written document to avoid equipment downtime due to the employee turnover.

Incoming material test service

We have thorough material test center. Welcome the old and new customers to offer each kind of materials for a test.

Service Process

drying process service


Set up files, and contact with the customer to introduce the relevant circumstances of the plant technology and the equipment, master the customers’ needs, recommend the corresponding equipment, implement the materials testing and the related technical preparation, complete the technical parameters.   


Provide the relevant drawing, technical data to the user, assist the user to install the equipment, send the production speed and production quality to the user. Make sure the synchronous coordination between user’s project process and equipment production. Handle the emergency and keep good communication with the customers.   


  • Assign our technician to guide the installation and debugging until the equipment is delivered and used normally.
  • We take charge of the skill training in the operating and repairing for the users.
  • We supply superior and reasonable price of spare parts for a long time.
  • The expiration date of the equipment is one year. In the expiration year, if the equipment is damaged because of the equipment itself quality, we will be responsible for the repairing for free. If the equipment is damaged because of the user’s improper operation, we will charge the cost, and we will offer the repairing service in 48 hours. That means, we must answer user’s question in the first 24 hours according to the user’s information. If it can’t be solved, we will help the user to solve the problem in 24 hours in the site.