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rotary drum dryer

rotary drum dryer

It is suitable for drying raw materials that have large size and heavy specific gravity in chemical, mining and metallurgy industries, like mines, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate fertilizer, thiamine.

Drying the powder or particles with special requirements, like HP soaking agent, vinasse, light calcium carbonate, active clay, magnetic powder, graphite and medicine residues.

If is suitable for the materials that requires low temperature drying and large continuous production.

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rotary drum dryer

It is three-layer cylinder suit structure machine, and adopts high temperature drying process, with its large intensity of drying, material in the dryer stay a short time. It also has large capacity than the same volume of dryer.

How Does Rotary Drum Dryer Work?

how does rotary drum dryer work

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Features of GC-HYG Rotary Drum Dryer

  • The motorization level of the dryer is high and the production capacity is high.
  • The resistance that the materials pass through the cylinder is less and the power consumption is low.
  • The application capability to different materials characters is high.
  • The operation is stable, the operation cost is lower, and the uniformity of the product drying is good.
Model Initial moisture content(%) Final moisture content(%) Water removal(kg/h) Output(kg/h) Coal consumption(kg/t) Power(kw/h) Dimension(m)
GC-HYG-9 70 10 900 450 400 27 24×8×7
GC-HYG-18 60 10 1800 720 250 40.8 28×9×8
GC-HYG-36 55 10 3600 900 200 60 32×10×9
GC-HYG-54 70 10 5400 900 400 7608 36×12×10
60 1440 250
55 1800 200
70 1800 400