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Soy Protein Powder Dryer Install in Cangzhou

Plant protein resources development and utilization in the world are booming, the economic developed countries due to the large proportion of animal food in the dietary and nutrition surplus, cause a series of health problems, people appeared due to lack of protein malnutrition. Soy protein concentrate is also known as 70% protein powder. It can be used in milk powder, protein pouring food, meat, latex meat, meat roll, seasoning, baked goods.

Soy protein powder product specification

  • The protein is greater than 55% and the water is less than 7% and the fat is less than 1%
  • Color: light yellow or milky white
  • Granularity: 100 to 150 mesh
  • Total colony: less than 30,000 / gram
  • PH value: 6.3-6.8
  • Moisture: less than 8.0%

Soy protein powder dryer build in Cangzhou

soy protein podwer dryer

centrifugal soy protein spray dryer

The centrifugal spray dryer for soybean protein is to use the atomizer to disperse the material into a fog, and the drying device of the powder finished product can be formed when the air is fully exposed to the hot air. In the air after a first initial effect, effectively filter, heated by the heater into the top of the dryer air distributor, hot air spiraling evenly into the drying chamber, contact with the hot air and flow in a very short period of time can be dry into finished products. The finished product is continuously produced by the bottom of the high efficiency cyclone separator and the exhaust gas is discharged by the fan.