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1000kg citron daylily belt dryer

Dried citron daylily is a traditional vegetable that people like to eat. Because of its thick petals, golden color, rich fragrance, fresh fragrance, fresh and tender, smooth with the fungus, straw mushrooms, high nutritional value, is seen as "the treasures of the table". It belongs to lily family, perennial root herb. The edible part of the lily is its bud. The buds are long and slender, yellow and aromatic, and harvest each spring and autumn.

belt dryer to process citron daylily

Client details and technical requirements

Raw material: citron daylily
Capacity: 19.2-24t/24h
Original moisture: 75%
Final moisture: 12%
Heat source: 450000 calories coal hot air furnace
Inlet air temperature: 55-90℃
Drying process: 5 layer belt dryer
Power: 380V 50Hz

Send the raw materials citron daylily through automatic feeding machine in the belt dryer, the drying equipment has automatic feeding, automatic discharging, high degree of automation, which has advantages of labor-saving, reducing costs, and can bring customers considerable economic benefit and social benefit. The 5 layer belt dryer has clean door and access door to make cleaning and maintenance more convenient.