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250KG soybean meal flash drying

What the drying soybean meal can be used for?

soybean meal flash drying

Soybean meal is the main production of livestock and poultry feed raw materials, it can also be used for making pastry food, health food and cosmetics and antimicrobial materials. It is the largest production and most versatile animal and plant oil meal feed products than cottonseed meal, peanut meal, rapeseed dregs... etc.

Original moisture of soybean meal is 65%, after drying, the final moisture will reach 8%, the capacity of our soybean meal flash drying project is 200 -250 kg/h.

Soybean Meal Flash Drying Process Project Installation Site

soybean meal drying project
spin flash dryer
soybean meal drying processing

Soybean Meal Flash Drying Processing

Hot air goes into the spin flash dryer, formed in the mixing of the rotation of the strong wind field, soybean meal break into small pieces under the action of stirrer, with good contact with hot air, heat, and under the action of a strong centrifugal, collision, friction and particulates in a fluidized state. Most of the material moisture evaporation in the fluidization segment. After drying particles convey by hot air into the upper part of the dry period, continue to dry in the cyclone field.

Only those who reach the degree of dry and smaller particle size of materials out of the hot air from the classifier circle hole into the cyclone separation.Dry products from discharger discharged out and packed in bag. Hot and humid air discharge through a bag dust collector, induced draft fan.