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Sludge Drying Technology

In the production and life, always can appear a lot of sludge, is also a kind of damage to the environment, we often use a drying machine to solve this problem, it can obviously increase the productivity, excellent sludge drying technology is particularly important.

Flash dryer for sludge drying

flash dryer for sludge drying

Flash dryer under the high speed grinding machine agitation, part of the dry sludge and mixed sludge contact 20 to 30 m/s velocity of high temperature air, in a few seconds in the sludge moisture to evaporate rapidly, moisture content can be reduced to 8% to 10%. Flash dry technology is solid fluidized dilute phase pneumatic conveying technology in the application of the sludge drying, the sludge is in direct contact with the hot medium and is suspended in the high heat flow which significantly increase the contact area, enhancing heat transfer and shorten the drying time.

Rotary drum dryer for sludge drying

Rotary drum dryer for sludge drying

The heating rotary drum dryer uses the high speed scraper blade in the drum to form the product of the continuous movement of any shape. We adopt the exhaust gas recycling technology, to develop a new generation of closed, with returns, direct heating drum type drying machine, sludge and hot medium in direct contact and drying in the drum, after gas-solid separation, 85% recycling heat medium return drying system, the rest are discharged after treatment. The sludge becomes granulated after drying.