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Factory Fluid Bed Dryer Price

Fluid bed dryer is used to reduce the moisture content of particulates like powders, sludge, slurries, and granulated suspensions in a vast array of industries from the mining industry to the sophisticated pharmaceutical industry. Fluid bed dryer price can be depending on the size and the end-use.

Fluid bed dryer working process

fluid bed dryer working process

Hot air is fed at a high pressure through a perforated bottom of the fluid bed dryer that contains the wet solids. These wet solids are then lifted up and suspended in air. The hot air surrounding the wet solids vaporizes the moisture within and this vaporized liquid is blown away by the hot gases.

There are different types of fluid bed dryers and in order to make a logical and cost-effective choice. Sometimes different types of fluid bed dryer price can provide the same performance at the same cost. Fluid bed dryer price depends on the type of material to be dried and the scale of the production process.

What affect the fluid bed dryer price?

fluid bed dryer price

A fluid bed dryer price can be anything from $1000 to $100000. As mentioned, the things that affect the price are the design application, the scale, and size of the machine.

Fluid bed dryer have great benefits for anyone who needs to dry product in a shorter space of time.
The gas-particle contact ensure a high rate of moisture removal.
It's a uniform temperature throughout the which enhances heat transfer and produce a more uniform product.
It's low cost than their counterparts and they are easy to maintain.
It offer a closer control of conditions.

Hot air dryer oven and tray dryer are only ideal in a small laboratory setting. When you are scaling up production you need something more robust but still delicate enough to handle your particulates as fast as possible. The intensive heat/mass exchange of the product makes fluid bed dryer effective and time-saving. It reduce the drying time and you can be sure that your product is uniformly dried.