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Vegetable Dryer Machine

When will you use a vegetable dryer?

vegetable drying

Most of the times we are stuck in situations where the vegetables and fruits that we put so much effort in buying just go to waste because it is difficult to preserve the left overs for long. But what else should we do if not eat them?

That is where vegetable dryer come to the rescue. It protects the food from getting stale. Its working principle is quite simple. It takes the minimal amount of electricity to work its charm. By simply removing the water from the left overs it prevents the growth of bacteria in them.

Vegetable Dryer Machine for Your Food Dehydrate

vegetable dryer machine

You can choose belt dryer or hot air oven for your vegetable drying, regardless of machine tyep, a vegetable dryer does is to remove the water from the vegetables and this lack of moisture in turn prevents the growth of bacteria and other micro organisms in them. Many fruits and vegetables like mangoes , tomatoes , pears etc can be saved for longer period using this method and keeping their nutritious value intact.

Vegetable Dryer Working Principle

Vegetables do not need conditioning once they are dried unlike fruits. They can be stored for longer time as their shelf life is dramatically increased. Keeping them in freezer below 0 degree celcius for about 48 hours can be of help in case of unpeeled vegetables and fruits. Even in the transport of the large quantity of vegetables and fruits, vegteable dryer is used because after removing the water the weight of the product decreases considerably which in turn makes the transportation easy.

Vegetable dryer although is a simple instrument with even simpler principle behind it can play a very cruicial role in our day to day lives. With a simple technique of dehydration we can store the vegetables and fruits left overs and eat them later without worrying for them to go stale. So it can save us a lot of money in the long run and we can eat the left overs and even store them with adding any preservatives which can harm our body.