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Sludge Fluid Bed Dryer Process

The solids that have been treated with water are sludge. The splitting of the sludge is more complex and contains a lot of material. Almost every city in our country has a large sewage treatment plant, and the scale is expanding year by year. The amount of sludge that comes with it also increases gradually. How to deal with sludge is a subject that experts and scholars are facing.

Among the sludge treatment method, the method of burning sludge has certain advantages. Many bacteria and pathogens in the sludge are removed. Its harmful organics will also be fully decomposed. But the burning method can cause some pollution. After years of research, we found that fluid bed dryer process can solve this problem well. We are seeking better drying process from other drying equipment.

Technology of Sludge Fluid Bed Dryer Process

sludge drying process

Due to the large amount of moisture in wet sludge, the process will cause high energy consumption, our company uses the river sand heating and wet sludge stirring as a dry pretreatment, then start the sludge fluid bed dryer process. The drying process is shorter and the drying effect is better.

sludge drying process technology

Features of fluid bed drying sludge

The longer the sludge stays in the fluid bed dryer, the trend of linear decrease in the moisture content of the sludge, and the decrease of the drying rate.
The size of the mixed sludge has a great influence on the drying rate.
When the rate of drying rate is the lowest in the critical fluidized state, the drying rate will gradually increase when the critical fluidization rate of 2 times is reached, and then the increase of the flow rate will not affect the drying rate.

Fluid bed dryer is one of our dry equipment. After many years of assiduous research its applicable materials are more extensive, the drying effect also has a qualitative leap. If you want to know more about fluid bed dryer, welcome to visit contact us.