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Mushroom Dryer Machine

Picking at the right time

Before picking, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation and reduce the humidity. The porcelain of shiitake mushroom can improve the drying quality, and the picking size is the best in 4 cm.

Mushroom stock

Exposure in the sun 2h ~ 3h to remove some moisture. When loading, should make the fungus cover up, the fungus handle face down, the pendulum uniform and positive, do not overlap the backlog, in case of the mushrooms and affect the quality.

The mushroom should be roasted within 6h after harvest, and if there are refrigeration conditions, the saving time can be extended appropriately.

mushroom hot air circulating oven dryer

Into the hot air circulating oven

The mushroom is placed on the grill and fed into the mushroom dryer machine for baking. Large, thick and moisture content should be placed on top, small and thin and low in moisture. Generally placed 8-10 layers. If put too much, it is easy to get the upper, middle and lower materials to be heated. The spacing of each floor should be 30cm.

mushroom dryer machine

Temperature control

  • Preliminary drying period(1): the baking temperature can not be too high or too low, should be master in 35 ℃ advisable, at this time, open the air inlet and vent all the whole back vincon closed, drying 3-4 hours. Average hourly temperature 1-2 ℃, the temperature will gradually rose to about 40 ℃.
  • Constant speed drying(2): drying to 4, 5 hours later, the temperature will gradually rose to about 50 ℃, litres per hour 2 ℃ or so, air inlet and vent closed a third, at this stage the general drying 3-4 hours.
  • Drying process(3): drying 8-9 hours, the temperature will gradually rise to 55 to 60 ℃, the air inlet and vent to close 1/2, vincon open back 1/2, this stage drying 1-2 hours.
  • Complete drying period(4): the last one hour, temperature should be controlled in 60-65 ℃, into the vent all closed, back vincon opened entirely, make the hot air circulation, can guarantee the gills egg yellow and increase the aroma.

For rural small processing enterprises, the hot air circulating oven is the ideal mushroom dryer machine. It can automatically control the temperature and continuous operation, and the drying speed is fast. Compared with kiln drying, the drying time of the chain loop tunnel dryer is shortened by nearly 40%.