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Drying Process in Food Industry

Since the 1990s, China's food industry has continued to grow rapidly and achieved remarkable results, which basically meet the demands of increasing living standards of urban and rural residents. Processing of fruits and vegetables, all kinds of flour, the convenient food, meat products, frozen food are residents gradually into the table, the development of food industry is more and more close relationship with people's nutrition and health.

drying process in food industry

Technology for drying process in food industry

From raw materials to finished food processing, there is almost always a process that needs to be dried, so the technology for drying process in food industry is closely related.

From the perspective of drying technology, the drying process in food industry is similar to that of the drying equipment in drugs, chemicals and other industries, but there are some different for food drying.

First food should be kept dry nutritional products, make product nutrient losses to a minimum. Although freeze drying can keep nutrition is best, but the high cost of freeze drying products are not competitive in the market, vacuum drying, dynamic rapid drying technology can on the basis of cost reduction to ensure quality. If it takes about 2 hours to dry in a mesh belt dryer, and only half an hour to dry in a vibratory fluid bed dryer, the beta carotene of the two is three times higher than the other.

Best technology for drying process in food industry

spray drying vs vacuum drying

In food processing, the most commonly used spray drying. The most common fault of spray drying is the powder clay wall, taking appropriate measures to reduce or prevent the clay wall. To dry the viscosity a lot of traditional Chinese medicine extract, the use of vacuum belt drying and microwave vacuum drying machine than by spray drying dispense with a lot of trouble, also have application in food drying, such as banana powder with vacuum belt drying has been particularly good quality products.