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Beef Jerky Meat Dryer Machine

Meat products include a wide range of ducks, sausages and bacon. We can meet the demand of different meat products drying. Take meat dryer machine to make beef jerky for example, which contains rich nutrition, high protein content, low moisture content, resistant storage products, small size, light weight, easy to transport, beef jerky drying technology and process and its quality has a close relationship, the drying temperature, humidity, time and so on all affect its quality.

beef jerky meat dryer machine

Our hot air dryer as the best food dryer machine adopts internal recycling, which close to the natural drying. Raw material beef do not need turning during drying process, save time and effort, greatly shorten the drying period. Its low operating costs, and full automatic operation in the process of drying. Good drying quality and high production efficiency, good taste of dried beef after drying, the colour and lustre is red, chewy, beef jerky heat pump dryers is its environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, no emissions, hot air meat dryer machine is the ideal drying equipment to make beef jerky.

make beef jerky in a hot air dryer

Advantages of beef jerky meat dryer machine

High efficiency: it adopts the whole closed structure, the circulating in the hot air box, which greatly reduces the drying time of the material and guarantees the product yield.
Energy-saving: with a small amount of electricity, you can absorb a lot of heat in the air, consuming only a quarter of the power of an electric heater. Compared with coal, oil and gas drier, it can save up to 70% operating expenses.
Environmental protection: no waste heat, waste gas, combustible materials and emissions will be produced during the operation, and there is no danger of flammability, explosion, poisoning and short circuit in traditional dryers.
Hygienic: this is especially important for food, medicine or biological products because it is a closed cycle and avoids contamination of the material with the external gas exchange.