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vacuum drying machine

Our GC-SZG vacuum drying machine is the double-cone rotary tank. Under the vacuum status, let in the conduction oil or the hot water to the jacket, the heat contacts with the wet materials through the inwall of the tank. The wet materials after absorbing heat produces vapor or other gases which will be taken away from the vacuum exhausting pipe by the vacuum pump. Because the tank is in the vacuum status and the rotating of the tank makes the materials turns up and down, inside and outside, which increases the material drying speed and get to the evenly drying goal.

Technological Process of Vacuum Drying Machine

Vacuum Drying Machine for Chemical Industry

Color master batch drying

Color master batch

It's usually composed of three parts, colorants, carrier, dispersant. After the mixing, it is broken and extruded into granules. During the processing, the color master batch has the advantages of high concentration, good distribution and clean. The color master batch is made by the process of grinding, phase inversion, washing, drying and granulation. Only by that, the product quality can be guaranteed. The drying process usually chooses rotating vacuum drying machine.



The relationship between it and the reaction system has high degree of selectivity (or singleness). For example, manganese dioxide has catalytic effect in the potassium chlorate thermal decomposition and quickens the chemical reaction, but it is not always useful to other chemical reactions. In the potassium chlorate thermal decomposition, magnesium oxide, iron oxide and copper oxide can be the catalysts. Besides, one chemical reaction do not have one kind of catalyst, for example, when using the potassium chlorate to make oxygen, the red brick powder and copper oxide can be the catalyst.
Lithium iron phosphate

Lithium iron phosphate

It's a new kind of cathode materials for lithium ion battery. Its characteristics: large charge capability, low price, nontoxicity, no pollution. Various countries in the world are trying to achieve indu