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fluid bed dryer for sale

Fluid bed dryer manufacturer in China, vibrating fluid bed dryer for sale meet your requirements in chemical industry. It has the advantage of good drying function, besides, it can add other production process like granulation, screening and conveying according to the need. Presently, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, plastic, and mining and metallurgy, etc.

Working Principle of Fluid Bed Dryer for Sale

Fluid Bed Dryer for sale

Fluid Bed Dryer for Chemical Industry
Calcium ammonium sulfate

Calcium ammonium sulfate

It is a kind of white round granule, 100% soluble in water. It is a new type of high efficient compound fertilizer with nitrogenous and quick-acting calcium, the fertilizer efficiency is fast and it can supply nitrogen quickly. There are calcium and magnesium in it, so the nutrient is comprehensive and the vegetable can absorb directly.

ethyl maltol

Ethyl maltol

It is a kind of white fine powder with fragrant. It is a food additive that is safe, nontoxic, and the application is wide, the effect is good, the dosage is less. It is a kind of good fragrance synergist in tobacco, food, drink, essence, daily cosmetic, etc. It has obvious effect on the fragrance improvement and increasing. It can increase the sweet taste of sweet food and it can prolong food storage life.


It is oxalic acid, one of the simplest organic of the diacid. It is usually colorless and transparent crystal or powder, that is harmful to human body. It can damage acid-base balance of human body, affect the child development. Oxalate has important function in the industry, it can be decolorizer, rust remover and mordant, etc.