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double cone food vacuum dryer

Vacuum dryer is a kind of vacuum low temperature equipment to heat materials. The food vacuum dryer is used to dry the high value-added and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health care products, food, fruit and vegetables etc. It is used in the cryoconcentration of the products, removal of the water of crystallization and the drying of zymin, etc. It gets to the scheduled vacuum degree by subducting the air in the packing container, then go on heating and drying. You can use the vacuum pump to exhaust the air and humidity, which quickens the drying speed, so it can dry the materials with complicated components quickly.

Working Principle of Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

Working Principle of Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

What kind of material can food vacuum dryer process?
malted milk vacuum drying

Malted milk

The main components are milk (or milk power, condensed milk), cream, malt extract, egg powder. Add cane sugar, glucose, cocoa powder into it. After the process of concocting, emulsifying, sterilization, degassing and concentration, vacuum drying, crushing, packing, etc. They become the fractionation that is loose, crisp and vesicular and part of them become powdery products.

soybean milk powder

Soya-bean milk powder

Soybean goes through the processes of decrustation, passivation, defibrination, sterilization, vacuum concentration, burdening, dishing up, drying, packing, etc, then it forms crystalline. The soya-bean milk powder belongs to highly processed products, and the expiration time can be 24 months. It is the best processing technology in maintaining the nutrition of the soybean.


It is one of the important flavoring essences, and is the edible flavouring agent. It has the vanila bean fragrance and rich milk incense, which is the obbligato materials in the food additive industry. It is widely used each kind of Seasoning food that needs to be added milk flavor, like cake, cold drink, chocolate, candy, biscuit, instant noodles, bread and tobacoo, flavouring liquor, etc.