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cheap spin flash dryer

Best dryer machine manufacturer design cheap spin flash dryer for chemical processing industry, sucha as barium carbonate, benzoic acid, glyphosate etc materials drying operation.

Wet material in the drying tower drying time is only 5 to 8 seconds, the instantaneous evaporation can be 95% -98% of the water, the final quality is concerned with drying temperature, wind speed, air volume, broken rate etc.

Dyring Operation of Spin Flash Dryer

drying operation of spin flash dryer

Cheap Spin Flash Dryer for Chemical Processing Industry Application

Barium carbonate

Barium carbonate

Using the flash drier to dry the barium carbonate and barium sulfate can get 80-100 meshes of finished product. It is used in the catalyst for producing electronic ceramics, purified water, pigment, painting or other barium salt.

benzoic acid

Benzoic acid

it is mainly used to be against fungi and for disinfection antiseptic. It is used in the production of medicine, dye carrier, plasticizer, spice and the food antiseptics. It is also used to improve the alkyd resin paint property, and used as the antirust agent of the steel equipment.


The drying of spin flash dryer is the last procedure of making glyphosate powder. It is a kind of nonselective sterilant herbicide with no residues. It is efficient to the perennial root weed, widely used in the rubber, mulberry, tea, fruit garden and sugarcane field.