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boiling drier for food industry

Boiling drier is widely used for the drying of granules that the granular drink has small initial moisture and powdery material. The granule diameter usually is 0.1-6mm. Drying application for the food industry: rice bran, banlangen granlues chicken powder, cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granule, flavoring, etc. The powdery or particular wet materials’ drying.

Working Principle of Boiling Drier

working principle of boiling drier

banlangen granules

Banlangen granules

The main component is indigowoad root, the auxiliary materials are saccharose and dextrin. It is brown or sepia granules with sweet taste and a little bitter taste. It is clearing away heat and toxic, it is benefit to make the blood cold and the swallowing fluent. It is used for the swollen sore throat and oropharyngeal drying caused by lung-stomach heat and acute tonsillitis.

chicken powder

Chicken powder

It can be used all occasions that uses aginomoto. Adding appropriate chicken powder into the cooked food, soup and cooked wheaten food can achieve the effect. Except for sodium glutamate, there are many kinds of amino acids in the chicken powder. It can not only enhance people’s appetite, but also supply a certain of nutrition.
Stabilized rice bran

Stabilized rice bran

It's a kind of health care product. It is one of the superfood with active natural antioxidants on the earth. It has a lot of natural vitamin, mineral substances, essential amino-acid and vegetable nutrient. It is also including rare vitamin B15 (pangamic acid) that has anti-tumor effect and gamma oryzanol that has powerful cure function.